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Community Guidelines for Students
We want to welcome you to our student community, made up of knowledge-seekers from across the globe who share a commitment to curious and compassionate learning. Within this community, we strive to create an online classroom that is respectful, collaborative, dynamic, and inclusive—where folks can learn from each other, stretch their brains, share their thoughts, and feel safe doing so! In preparation for your upcoming class, please take a moment to review the following guidelines to help us co-create the most exciting and fulfilling learning experience possible.

Engage with class content.

The student community forum is the perfect place to ask a question, respond to a concept raised in class, or share a relevant experience or resource from your own life. The forum is not the place to share negative or disruptive comments; if you have feedback about the course that you’d like to share with us, we encourage you to respond to our course satisfaction survey or, for anything time-sensitive, email us at

Be respectful.

If utilizing the student community forum, please be respectful. We don’t anticipate anyone abusing this space, but please note that anyone being disruptive in any way may be removed from the forum. 

Take space, make space.

In addition to sharing, be sure to read others’ comments and respond if you wish. Consider sharing resources, discussing ongoing projects, and taking the time to connect with one another as you go.