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Bird + Mammal Taxidermy

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Step inside the studio of award-winning taxidermist and educator Allis Markham for a crash course in the art, science, and ethics of preserving animal corpses. For budding or advanced taxidermists—or those just beginning their exploration—this bundle offers the chance to dive into two of Allis’ most popular courses, Bird Taxidermy and Mammal Taxidermy, at a special price. This bundle includes six video lessons (a total of 10.5 hours of video instruction) featuring detailed, step-by-step demonstrations, as well as supply and tool lists, pro tips, printable instructions, sourcing recommendations, and additional resources so you can practice everything you learn at home.

About Your Instructor

Allis Markham

Allis Markham is an award-winning taxidermist/nassologist based in Los Angeles, California. She was named Third in the World at the 2017 World Taxidermy Championships and was the 2018 California Champion, receiving Judges’ Choice Best of Show, People's Choice, and the Artisan Award from the United Taxidermist Association.

More recently, Allis has focused on museum work and public education, and taught the only taxidermy course in the country in recent years at Occidental College. She’s worked with institutions such as the Natural History Museum of Santa Barbara, Moore Lab of Zoology, The Huntington Library, The Frost Museum of Science, Colorado State University, and The Getty. Additionally, she’s created commissions for Gucci, The Nomad Hotel, EB Florals, and television shows such as Bates Motel. Allis has also been featured in numerous publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, the cover of LA Weekly, and more. You can also watch the critically acclaimed documentary STUFFED, which followed her for several years, or listen to her episode of Ologies.

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